Does Read the Docs have pandoc installed?

>>> import os
>>> from subprocess import check_output, CalledProcessError
>>> try:
...     print(check_output(['pandoc', '--version']))
... except CalledProcessError:
...   print("No pandoc on %s" % os.environ['PATH'])
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    abc, actionscript, ada, agda, apache, asn1, asp, awk, bash, bibtex, boo, c,
    changelog, clojure, cmake, coffee, coldfusion, commonlisp, cpp, cs, css,
    curry, d, diff, djangotemplate, dockerfile, dot, doxygen, doxygenlua, dtd,
    eiffel, email, erlang, fasm, fortran, fsharp, gcc, glsl, gnuassembler, go,
    haskell, haxe, html, idris, ini, isocpp, java, javadoc, javascript, json,
    jsp, julia, kotlin, latex, lex, lilypond, literatecurry, literatehaskell,
    llvm, lua, m4, makefile, mandoc, markdown, mathematica, matlab, maxima,
    mediawiki, metafont, mips, modelines, modula2, modula3, monobasic, nasm,
    noweb, objectivec, objectivecpp, ocaml, octave, opencl, pascal, perl, php,
    pike, postscript, prolog, pure, python, r, relaxng, relaxngcompact, rest,
    rhtml, roff, ruby, rust, scala, scheme, sci, sed, sgml, sql, sqlmysql,
    sqlpostgresql, tcl, tcsh, texinfo, verilog, vhdl, xml, xorg, xslt, xul,
    yacc, yaml, zsh
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